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Hans Bremke

Welcome in the training and sales barn of Hans Bremke

Are you looking for a talented dressage horse?

We always offer you a fine collection of selected dressage prospects
who are carefully trained and already achieved competition successes depending on their age.
Please contact us directly - we publish only a small part of the collection online.


In our stable you can find your dressage prospect for the future– carefully broken in, individually trained and depending on the age successfully in competitions. We offer a hand picked selected collection of horses which are mainly bred in the main breeding regions of Oldenburg and Hanover. We want that you can enjoy your new horse!

We offer a widespread service-package for you:

  • Preparing young stallions for the License
  • Preparing young mares for their performance test and the mares show
  • Breaking in and training young dressage prospects
  • Showing young horses at competitions from material classes to dressage horse class L
  • worldwide marketing of our sales horses with all trade procedures and formalities